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Open House

BJP Would Dent Mayawati’s Dalit Votes

Read the cover story on UP Assembly Polls and agree with the author’s view that it may look three corner contest but in actual, it’s either BJP versus SP or its BJP versus BSP because BSP and SP have presence in limited pockets while BJP has uniform presence in entire state. While the SP may lose its OBC votes to the BJP, Mayawati may lose other than Jatav SC votes to the ‘party with difference.’ However, the way Jat agitation has been staged in Haryana just a fortnight ahead of the first phase polls in UP, it indicates that BJP is expected to manage its Jat votes which reversed its fortunes in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls in the Western UP. However, SP may not be able to repeat its 2012 performance, but if the non-Jatav SC votes slips to BJP, Mayawati would be the big loser in this polls.

Shashank Mourya, Dumaron

Foreign Funded NGO Posing Impediment in Kathputli Colony

Read and enjoyed the story ‘Ice Melts in Kathputli Colony.’ I would have loved to see some more light on the overseas funds and its network in the slum that has delayed the developmental work in the region for more than six years. Would like to remind my NGO colleagues that funds may be from overseas, but it’s coming into the pockets of Indians who knowingly or unknowingly fulfilling the CIA’s vision that third world should not be allowed to come out of slums. So, we are still fighting with ourselves and helping developed world to continue their divide and rule policy.

Ruchi Tayal, New Delhi

Presidential Poll Hangs on Five State Elections

The author has rightly pointed out that results of the five state polls would decide the fate of presidential elections this July as both ruling NDA and the opposition hangs in right now and any surprise can change the dynamics of road to Raisina Hill for nominees of both ruling and the opposition camp. However, the way opinion polls are indicating, its advantage NDA for the presidential polls.

Omendra Rai, Gurgaon

Realtors Should Be Realistic In Demand

It has been age old demand by the realtors that they should be given industry status. But, none of the realtors give any indication that they would pass on the benefits of industry status to the buyers as majority of the builders stops at increased mullah helping the sluggish real estate economy. So, when they raise their demand, they must clarify their stand on passing on its benefits to the buyers too.

Alok Singh, Noida