Time for Trump to Perform

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

By Sunil Dang

After the US president Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from the seven Islamic countries, working professionals from those nations are out on roads to protest against this decision. This decision of the US president has been criticized by the strong allies like UK, France, Germany etc. too. Canadians are one step ahead requesting the South Asian immigrants to come to their country if the US are non-cooperative with them. Probably, this is the reason for the White House making it clear that the move is not against Muslims but in actual, it’s aimed against the terrorists. While going for such announcements, Trump should also remember that it’s not election time, it’s performance time. What was promised in poll campaign need not to be implemented if it destabilizes the nation? However, from Indian perspective, we need to clear our stand as keeping mum on these developments in America would ultimately affect the immigrant Indians too. Hence, the external affair ministry must clear the Indian stand on Donald Trump’s immigration and Visa policy because it’s directly related to the 30 lakh Indo-American job holders in the US. It’s also not a time for India to celebrate house arrest of terrorist Hafiz Sayeed in Pakistan. House arrest is a kind of respect given to the people who ideologically disagree with the system but they are not threat to the society. Nelson Mandela, Aung Saan Suu Kyi, Netajee Subhash Chandra Bose etc. have been house arrested and by house arrest of hafiz Sayeed, Pakistan has glorified a terrorist rather lodging an FIR and sending him behind the bars.

There was a time when big businessman created India but now a day people like Vijay Mallya are defacing India by shunning away with the public money through bank loans. Interestingly, the Indian government is not ready to put detailed list of the Public Sector Bank defaulters after repeated directives from the Supreme Court. This stubborn attitude of the government has led to rise in bank NPAs (Non Performing Assets) as if their promise to take action on the public money abusers was only a lip service. I agree with the government view that they can’t showcase the black money stashers in the Swiss and other overseas banks as they have written agreement with these overseas banks that binds Indian government putting those people’s name into the public domain without filing FIR. But, on NPA, it’s high time for the government to take action and the Public Sector Banks should also keep in mind while awarding loans to any businessman that the goodwill of thea businessman is decided by the balance sheet of his or her company. If they do so, it would help avoid major portion of NPA cases.

When this issue would hit the stalls, five state elections would be in full swing. Our ground zero report from these five states suggests that Congress is comfortably places in Manipur while BJP won’t be able to bring Tsunami it is expecting from the EVMs in Uttarakhand. In Punjab and Goa, people may not give absolute majority to any party. In Uttar Pradesh, all parties are facing an uphill task to contain rebellions, putting question mark over the official candidate’s fate in fast approaching assembly polls. However, it is surprising to see Akhilesh Yadav is first choice but his party is not. Similarly, in Punjab, Captain Amrinder is first choice as CM but not the Congress party.

Indian films are not in sync with its system while American movie not only highlight their system they went one step ahead and give forecast too. I still remember an American movie that I watched in early 90s in which a man was walking on the roads while keeping mask on his face. Now a day, we can easily find such people to avoid the ill effects of air pollution. Hence, there is need for the Indian filmmakers to learn from their American brethrens and present themselves as a true mirror of the Indian society, rather depicting a portion of the society on the celluloid.

We are going to celebrate Basant Panchmi this fortnight. Hope it won’t be used to polarize voters on religious line.

Jai Ho!