TMT Sustains SAIL’s Strength



On account of its par excellence quality, high strength, durability, value and performance, SAIL TMT finds usage in a wide range of applications across different segments. They are used in high end construction projects as well as in constructing modest houses by users like you and me. More than 50 percent of the world’s steel production is used in the construction industry which makes it the most important steel consuming industry in the world. The strength of steel empowers the human pursuit for engineering excellence but such pinnacles of architectural merit would not materialize without elements like TMT Rods and Bars, which are available in wide variety of shape and size. SAIL was pioneer in introducing Thermo Mechanical Treatment (TMT) for production of Reinforced bars in India from its plants in Bhilai, Durgapur and Burnpur. Equipped with state of art technology achieved through constant technological up gradation it meets stringent BIS quality standard, another factor that contributes to very high bendability and also re- bendability because of its lower carbon content.

Probably, this is one of the major reason that the Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) Merchant Mill (MM), which was set up and commissioned in February 1960 with the help of Russians in Chhattisgarh, has over the years improvised operations and introduced process improvements to roll out exactly what customers of this highly competitive section of the market are demanding today — steel with the right chemistry and strength for big power and irrigation projects, bridges and structures as well as high rise buildings coming up in seismic and corrosion prone areas.

All TMT bars that the SAIL Plant’s Merchant Mill rolls out are with earthquake-resistant properties. Additionally, HCR or high-corrosion resistant properties are also provided to meet customer needs. While Merchant Mill’s entire TMT production is of EQR variety, more sections have been added. SAIL’s  Bhilai Steel Plant was the first to produce corrosion-resistant variety of TMT EQR Rebar.  The Plant has supplied required grade of structural steel for the Bandra-Worli Sea Link and numerous other infrastructure projects including dams and bridges, high tension transmission towers, skyscrapers etc.

Even as large infrastructure projects are now lined up all over the country, the Merchant Mill collective along with the entire workforce of SAIL has geared up to fulfill their share of contribution in nation-building. SAIL’s Merchant Mill has been given orders to supply TMT Bars and light structural’s for various projects of national importance.

BARC’s Mumbai project is one such project of great importance for nation for which TMT bars are being supplied by the Mill. SAIL is also supplying TMT Bars in various sizes to the country’s indigenously made nuclear plant project of NPCIL for nuclear power generation at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan. Mumbai’s prestigious project for tallest building by Lodha Group is underway with TMT bars supplied from Bhilai’s Merchant Mill.

One of the main infrastructure building company in the country, M/s L&T is also a major customer procuring TMT bars for various projects across the country. Approx 5500 T of TMT 40 for BARC and 9500T of other sections of TMT bars have been supplied to these projects during the current year.

‘India to get next big consumption push from rapid development of the rural space’India is a country which believes that the next big consumption push will come from large ticket infrastructure growth within the country because of rapid development of the rural space. This essentially means that more homes will be built, more highways will be erected more school, hospital, ports, etc will be constructed. Improvement in technology and a strict production discipline has ensured development of Earth Quake Resistant (EQR), High Corrosion Resistant (HCR) and TMT Rock/ Roof bolt variety steel by SAIL.

The customers from high seismic zones prefers TMT EQR, while those planning to construct in coastal areas find TMT HCR more suitable to their requirement, and for supporting under construction roof of mines and sub-ways TMT Roof Bolt is the best, Areas which are on the marine coasts and are also seismic prone use TMT HCR EQR. SAIL TMT is a quality product which is tested at every stage of production. During construction, TMT rebar and concrete bind together perfectly to form Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure that can be mould into any desired shape with the rebar providing the requisite strength to withstand enormous loads. SAIL TMT-HCR reinforcement bars exhibit higher thermal resistance even at temperatures up to 6000°C. The retention of significant strength or, in other words, resistance to softening, is attributed to design of steel chemistry on the rebar surface. In case of welding reinforcement bars, SAIL TMT bars have got very low susceptibility to both heat affected zone brittleness and cracking due to their low carbon content. Absence of stresses and quenching of steel during rolling are the reasons for better corrosion resistance properties of these reinforcement bars.

SAIL is now setting up a new and modern Bar and Rod Mill in Bhilai that would enable rolling out of new products including Bright bar, Cold heading, Spring Steel, Free Cutting Steel in wire rod sections and also TMT Bars in straight length, climate resistant quality angles and channels and Climate Resistant and Low alloy Heavy Structural Steel.

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