RBI Failed to Implement Demonetization

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

The US president elect Donald Trump is going to assume White House on January 20th but he has already started to indicate the kind of governance he would give through his appointments. His call to Taiwanese president spells about his policy in the South China Sea. Trump has also showed his aggression towards the Islamic State warning the GCC which is abetting the ISIS network in the Middle East that now poses threat to the European nations as well. So, by the virtue of developing circumstances, the situation is becoming favourable for India. However, it completely depends upon the Indian diplomats and their wit to take advantage of Donald Trump’s stance on both China and the Islamic State. But, the way Trump allowed the information to fish out into the public domain about the Russian hacker’s role through his appointed FBI chief, it shows that he is a true American and his feeling about Russia is like a common American.

Poll drum for the five state elections are reverberating but the Smajwadi scabbard is yet to settle down. Amid Mulayam Singh meeting with Lok Dal leaders to contest the UP polls as national president of the Lok Dal and embracing the official symbol of the Lok Dal party and Akhilesh camp almost sealing its alliance with Congress, RLD and some more small regional parties, split in SP looks eminent.

Whichever be the outcome of this split on the D-day, only the voters of the state would narrate, but being a political observer, I firmly believe that the five state elections results would decide the fate of presidential poll this July as in current scenario, both ruling and the opposition parties are evenly balance in the electoral college of the Indian presidential polls.

Irrespective of which party gains in this five state polls, one thing is for sure that Arvind Kejriwal would improve his status as AAP is expected to surface in two more state Punjab and Goa in a robust manner. If victors then both  Akhilesh Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal would get added into the list of leaders running for 7 RCR in 2019. Additionally, the way Priyanka Gandhi and Dimple Yadav have handled the alliance issue in such tumultuous situation, I predict bigger but under cover role for both the strong ladies of their respective parties.

For the last five years, it has been witnessed that majority of key issues are getting resolved by the Supreme Court. It is happening at a time when loads of pending cases are piling on in various Indian courts. Such a gesture is dangerous because it spells out that that our legislatures are unable to perform their duties. When PM Modi delivered his first speech from the Red Fort in 2014, he had promised to resolve matters related to two ministries, departments and centre-state disputes in an amicable manner. But, it’s more than two and half years and those promises have failed to get its practical shape. It’s high time for PM Modi because time of promise is over, now it’s time to perform. He may be looking confident about the success of the demonetization, but in actual, the RBI has failed miserably both in terms of counting of the deposited demonetized currencies and printing of those demonetized notes. Thus, the CAG, CGA and PAC should jointly issue a note on RBI and get it cleared by the parliament to re-establish the system of the Indian central bank. After all, RBI failure may lead to failure of the national economy.

In last few years, it has been noticed that movie like Dangal, Sultan, Bajirao Mastani, which are made on the story line taken from the public figure or public life have registered resounding success at the Box Office. Such success of the Bollywood movie again establishes that films are mirror of the society. In next fortnight, we are going to celebrate the Republic Day — the day India became a republic and its constitution became functional. Hope, the way our constitution has been serving us for more than 65 years, we would also be able to preserve the basic fundamental rights being given to each and every citizen of the country by our constitution.

Jai Ho!