Open House ( Letters to Editor)

Open House

Demonetization Was Indeed Undemocratic

Read the cover story ‘Democracy Demonetized’ and loved the way author has taken the whole issue under the purview of public opinion is excellent. I liked the story because like other writers authors didn’t give his verdict on the basis of public opinion. He neither tried to take opinion of the ruling and the opposition parties to establish his jibe as the matter was directly related to the people of India and the government. Hence, when he says, irrespective of the success or failure of the move, if the people of India are forced to queue outside banks and ATMs after 50 days demanded by the PM, it would be undemocratic because the government had to ensure its system before moving ahead with the idea and the days it demanded from the public.

Shaba Sareen, New Delhi

Manoj Tewari is Counting His Chickens Only

Read the new Delhi Pradesh BJP President interview and realized that the BJP is thinking that they can trump AAP by shunning away with the poorvanchalis votes. But, I would like to remind the high command of the BJP that BJP Delhi unit is something which they can’t treat like any other state party unit. During Vajpayee and Advani times, Delhi BJP unit used to feel like an integral part of the national team. But, ever since, Modi ans Amit Shah have taken over, things have changed drastically. Now, it has become difficult for the Delhi BJP leaders to get in touch with either Modi or Shah. So, the whole Delhi BJP party worker are feeling demoralized. By putting Manoj Tewari in place of Satish Upadhyay can crate danger for the party as the local Delhiite may unite against the lotus in coming MCD polls.

Shrikkanth Dhakla, New Delhi

Mamata May Put GST in Peril

The way GST chairman and Finance Minister of West Bengal government Amit Mitra walked out of the GST meeting in New Delhi protesting against PM Modi announcing mini-budget on the eve of New Year, it indicates that the BJP has lost a major supporter of the bill. Looking at the size of Trinmool’s presence in the Upper House, the BJP can’t afford to tolerate this move taken by Didi. The way Didi has been vocal against demonetization and the BJP leaders are attacking West Bengal CM for supporting black money hoarders, scars of this staring might affect the fate of GST bill. So, I agree with author’s view that the GST bill is in peril.

Subir Sarkar, Kolkata

Kejriwal’s Politics Lies in Defying Central Government

Delhi LG might have been changed and the new LG is expected to make things under control so that people of Delhi doesn’t suffer the way they have suffered in last two years. But, looking at the kind of politics, Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP is indulged in, especially in Delhi, it looks unlikely that there would be no tussle emerging soon between the new LG and the Delhi CM. I am expecting same kind of deadlock when it comes to governance as kejriwal is more interested in blame game politics than to respect the verdict of the people of Delhi.

Jyoti Mathur, Jodhpur