Open House

Open House

Lack of Co-ordination Led to Cracks in United Opposition

Read the cover story ‘Who Will Lead Opposition’ and want to congratulate the team dayafter for coming with a story which got replicated within the fortnight as the glue of opposition was absconding when the Congress leader went to meet Prime Minister alone. This led to cracks into the united opposition which could have been a threatening platform for the ruling NDA in 2019. It was for the Congress Vice President on how he manages the opposition leaders. His joint press conference with Mamata Banerjee in New Delhi on demonetization was a big flop because except Mamata, none of the strong regional leaders were there. So, it’s time for the Team Rahul to make proper planning before exposing Rahul Gandhi into the scene.

Shashwat Mukherjee, Kolkata

Muslim Personal Law Board Not Above Constitution

Apropos to “Hammer on Personal Law Board” and want to convey that the author has picked the right chord by stating that it’s Muslim Personal Law Board which is denying the individual right given to each and every Indian citizen by the constitution. This right doesn’t allow any of the institution to sit above the constitution in the name of caste, creed and gender biased system. Hence, I completely agree that Muslim Personal Law Board has no right to behave as if they are above the constitution and hence triple talaq has to be moved in the direction which these Muslim clerics are opposed to.

Shagufta Khatoon, Aligarh

Nitish Is Doing Issue-based Politics

In regard to the story ‘Befuddling Bedfellow’, I would like to add that Nitish Kumar is neither biased with BJP nor with the Congress. He is taking decisions on the basis of issue and its authenticity. He used to do this even when he was in NDA. For example, he had supported GST when BJP was in opposition and JDU was part of NDA. Similarly, Nitish had supported Pranab Mukherjee’s candidature in presidential elections though BJP was in favour of other candidate. Nitish still stood with his decision to support GST when Congress is in opposition. He supported the demonetization because it’s good for the consumer oriented state like Bihar. So, Nitish is doing issue-based politics not the convenience-based politics which Congress and BJP are habituated to.

Ranjeeta Sinha, Patna

New Delhi Needs to Keep Hawkish Eyes on Moscow

Read ‘Asia Heartless for Pakistan’ and want to add that the author has failed to keep Russian angle in it as Russia has a major role in this rising tension in the South East Asia, which became visible when the Russian president seconded the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor where both nations have encroached Indian land to pump their economic activities. India also need to keep the Russian ambition of bringing New Delhi into its fight against ISIS in Middle East which India has been avoiding and it should be avoiding because we have very little political and economic stake there if its compared to Russia. So, New Delhi is caught in a situation where Russia would continue to give wound and its healing at one point of time.

Narendra Dev, Ahmedabad