Bigg Boss 10: Vikrant Upset with Mona Lisa

Bhojpuri actor Vikrant Singh Rajpoot says he is upset with his girlfriend Mona Lisa for her alleged ‘closeness’ to co-contestant Manu Punjabi on controversial TV reality show “Bigg Boss” but says she is clean at heart.

“I am upset with her (Mona) but not in a way that I will hit her and all. Its been eight years we are dating.. I know her. She is mine and will always remain in my heart,” Vikrant told PTI.

“We have seen things that show us that there is something between them. Looking at the show, it seems she is easy to woo but in reality she is someone who can take the shit out of you,” he said.

Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa and commoner Manu Punjabi have grabbed headlines for their closeness inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, thanks to their intimate pictures and weird acts.

During a task, Mona kissed Manu on his cheeks and became the talk of the town.

“You become friends when you are working together.

But they don’t know that it is shown a bit more. I know Manu and Mona are good friends. I did speak to Manu after he was out (during the demise of his mother),” Vikrant said.

As per the new luxury budget task ‘Battery’ the Bigg Boss housemates got a chance to meet their loved ones. Mona got to meet her boyfriend Vikrant as he entered the house.

Mona ran towards Vikrant, hugged him and broke down.

“The experience to be on the show was good. One has to do all kinds of work inside the house. When you are in an intense situation you tend to get close to someone…you confide in that person,” Vikrant said.

“I told Mona, she is not shown in a good way on the show, her image is bad. She was asking me what was shown on TV. She told me that both Manu and Manveer have supported her,” he said.

Vikrant alleges that in the very beginning of the show Manu had told Mona if not you I will woo someone else.

“Both felt that they should carry on as a couple on the show. Now we see something between Manveer and Nitisha. I am confused whats happening between Gaurav and Bani,” he said.

According to Vikrant, a few co-contestants on the show and some ex-contestants, there is no romance between the duo.

“(Contestants) Lopamudra Raut, Navin Prakash and Sahil Sangha have told me there is nothing between them (Mona and Manu). Lopamudra told me she (Mona) talks about me,” he adds.

Despite her alleged closeness, Vikrant is all praise for his girlfriend.

“Mona is clean from her heart, she has never gone ahead and fought with anyone. They (Mona, Manu and Manveer) have supported each other,” he said.

Aired on Colors channel, “Bigg Boss 10” is hosted by Salman Khan.