Open House: Letters to Editor

Open House

Putin May Resign From Presidency, Not from Politics

Read the cover story “Putin’s Kremlin Trump’ and agree with the author that Russian president may resign from the post of president, however, I doubt he would resign from polity. I still believe that he would hand over the political baton to Dimitry Medvedevbut he won’t go in exile. He would continue to overshadow the Russian politics as mentor of Dimitry Medvedev and his words would be the final one in Russian politics. He would resign only because he wants to allow the fresh ideas seep through into the Russian power corridors.

Elina Klebanova, Moscow

High Time for Indian Judicial System

Read the story “Love, Longing, Killing’ an autobiography by the Rajeev Gandhi assassin Nalini and her autobiography to showcase her innocence in regard to the sentence she came across in the entire episode. She has tried to establish her innocence through her book as she was unable to do that through the Indian Judicial System, probably a major reason for Priyanka Gandhi forgiving her for the crime she has been kept behind bars. It’s high time for the Indian Judicial System to tighten its screws and open its antenna to fill the loop holes which allows the actual culprits to flee away after committing crime on the Indian soil.

Surajit Dasgupta, Kolkata

Demonetization Would Bring ‘Achche Din’ for Common Man

I agree with the author that the entire opposition ahs walked into the trap of Narendra Modi as today people of India are looking at the opposition as hoarders of Black Money and they dub them as actual culprits for the low ebb. Thos opposing demonetization are seen as hitherto the benediction awaiting for the public in general. Common man is cursing oliticians who are against the demonetization becauser they still believe that demonetization would bring ‘achche din’ for them.

Sheila Tripathy, New Delhi

OROP Issue BJP’s Internal Matter

To solve the OROP issue, the BJp led central government has to lookj down the memory lane and find out the prosecdution and defense of the OROP case. If they can do it with open mind, I am sure it would help them to zero on the actual culprit sitting in their power corridors. It would also help Modi to find the Congress agent sitting in his house and making all efforts to derail hnis ambitious projects like demonetization. So, it’s time for modi to check his own house rather finding ways to sneak-peak into the opposition house.

Raman Bhalla, Bhopal