Editorial: Let Parliament Function

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief

For various reasons, we have been witnessing series of parliamentary sessions being washed out. This practice has gone unchecked for way too long and has reached to such a level that President Pranab Mukherjee had to break his silence over the logjam. However, it may look a moral support for the BJP but in actual it’s a hint to the Congress and other opposition parties to shun away from this self goal tactics. The opposition must understand that government has various platforms other than the floor of the house to put forth its ideas on various government schemes and bills and laud its pat while the opposition has just one major platform to do that and its none other than the floor of the parliament. Therefore, not allowing the parliament to function is harming the opposition more than the government. Seasoned politician like LK Advani could understand this and opened his mouth over the parliamentary pandemonium and hint the opposition parties to realize their blunder. Though, the opposition leaders failed to take the cue from it, it pinched BJP exactly at the place where both seasoned politicians wanted to pinch. So, it’s time for the opposition to understand that they walked into the trap of Modi government via parliamentary pandemonium.

J Jayalalaithaa’s demise is indeed a sad event for the people of Tamil Nadu. But, the way she was glamorized by various news channels is a bit unpleasing. One should be balanced when one  debates over her contribution to Tamil Nadu—, we shouldn’t forget that she was also an ‘Icon of corruption’. In fact, she had to vacate the chief minister’s post thrice due to the corruption charges framed by the honourable court. Therefore, leaving corruption charges would be unjust to the people of Tamil Nadu, especially when her close aide Shasikala has taken over the party in a silent political coup. Rewinding the last two decades of Shasikala-Jayalalithaa relationship, it requires a serious thought, about the kind of governance O Paneerselvam would be giving under the shackles of Akka Shasikala. Hopefully, AIADMK leaders would realize this and would break the coterie Shasikala has made for this political coup.

It is around two decades since the CAT (Commuter Air Technology) was bought by the Indian government by spending crores of Indian tax payer’s money. The Civil Aviation Ministry went ga-ga over the technology citing it would help Indian flights to fly even when the weather is hit by dense fog. They even spent a lot of money in various advertisements showcasing the advantages of the CAT. If this was the case, then why our aviation ministry failed to get this technology to work? Why is CAT not utilized by the Indian aviation companies, especially Air India. The government of Indian should also share details on the status of this technology and its current viability into the aviation market.

It’s still a mystery whether Donald Trump’s election to the White House would maintain its status-quo or if there would be some more twist in recounting that would take place in next fortnight. The way Trump has been behaving, thing is for sure that he is not feeling comfortable due to this new development. At the same time, the way he has taken on Chinese administration, if the recount doesn’t throw any surprise, then Trump would surely give some surprises in South China Sea. Readers asking themselves how, should know that the US has $3 trillion Chinese bonds in its hands and the way Trump has warmed US relationship through telephonic discussions with the Taiwanese president, it seems as though the US president elect is in a mood to use the ‘ring of pearl’ theory against China giving Russia an advisor’s role into the region as Russia wants its say into the South China Sea route business. It may provoke Taiwan and some other small nations around China to nag the dragon nation under the patronizatione of Japan. Trumps seems like he’s in the mood to invoke a war among South Chinese nations and in reply impose war crime sanctions on China and shun away with the $3 trillion Chinese bonds and break the back bone of Chinese economy. However, it would be done in a calibrated manner and healing therapy would be provided from time to time. Appointment of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad should be seen through these specs.

Whatever be the result of the recount, we wish our readers world over a very Happy Christmas this December 25th.

Jai ho!