Karan is very romantic, I am too practical: Bipasha

Mumbai, Actress Bipasha Basu says her husband actor Karan Singh is a romantic at heart while she is practical in matters of love.

The 37 year old model-actress married Karan in April this year.

“He is very romantic, I am failing on that front as I am not that romantic, I am too practical. I think we balance each other that way,” Bipasha told reporters at the Star Screen Awards here last night.

Post their marriage, there were rumours that all was not well between the dusky actress and her husband.

“I don’t read newspapers. But there is no escape from rumours as one gets to read it on social media. You know better about your life,” she said.

Before tying the knot, Bipasha and Karan worked in “Alone” and the actress is open to such projects in future.

“We do get lot of offers, but things have to work out in terms of dates, finance.”

At the Star Screen Awards, Karan hosted a segment of the show with filmmaker Karan Johar.

Asked if she gave any advice to her husband, Bipasha said, “No, I haven’t given any advice to Karan. I have hosted only one show – ‘Seven Wonders of World’- in Portugal, it’s a different energy, you have to keep the people entertained and I wish him all the best.