Open House

Open House

Rahul Needs to Follow Footsteps of His Uncle Sanjay

Read the cover story ‘Leader That Congress Needs’ and agree with the author’s view that today Congress is passing through a transition phase where its leader should have the knack to rule both party and the nation. In current circumstances, it looks that Rahul Gandhi needs to develop the skills that his uncle Sanjay Gandhi had shown while ruling the Congress party even when Indira Gandhi was alive and at a time when Congressmen used to chant ‘India Is Indira and Indira Is India.’ Today, Congress party is facing huge dissidence and Rahul Gandhi is looking unable to control that dissidence. He failed to understand impact leaders like Himanta Biswa Sarma, Jaganmohan Reddy and Ramesh Chennithala and forced the grand old party to bleed in various elections. The Gandhi scion needs to develop the information network that could match Sanjay Gandhi’s information network system.

Ramesh Tripathy, Lucknow

Prefer Business to Reverence

Read the story ‘Uncle Sam, End Ban on Indian Rockets’ and come to know about the secret progress in Indo-US space research and cooperation. It was an eye opener for us Indians who start chanting the tones of Uncle Sam minutes after a strong word against Pakistan. Though, there are so many things for us to do without altering the international set up. So, it’s better concentrating on the business rather searching for reverence via Pakistan. Kudos to the current government for showcasing the US administration that Indian government believes in business not in lip service.

Nimrat Randhawa, St. Lucia

Akhilesh Clear Winner in Samajwadi Scabbard 

Read ‘Teepu The Sultan’ and agree with author’s view that Akhilesh Yadav is the clear winner in this Samajwadi slugfest. It became visible when Akhilesh Yadav dropped all the detractors from his cabinet including his uncle Shivpal while Mulayam Singh Yadav only urging the UP chief minister to induct those sacked ministers once again. It was a clear indication that whatever Mulayam was doing was to just suggest the Up chief minister. Whether Akhilesh agrees with that or not is completely unquestionable and even Mulayam is bound to accept that. What to talk about others?

Raman Mourya, Gorakhpur

Implement Kakodkar Committee’s Report on Railways

The railway reforms story is praiseworthy but I would have loved to read on the railway reforms in the infrastructure sector that includes railway tracks and its maintenance because the Kakodkar Committee has recommended the Indian railways to implement thrust on the track reforms and its maintenance if they really want to avoid serious accidents. Giving priority to the passenger amnesties is good but safety is also important and hence I hope that the Modi government under the minister ship of Suresh Prabhu would soon take care of the railway track management and its maintenance.

Sunita Rani, Shimla