Switzerland Tourism launches winter campaign

New Delhi, Aiming to consolidate and further boost the double digit growth of 16 per cent in tourism, the Switzerland Tourism on Wednesday launched its winter campaign.

Ritu Sharma, Deputy Director (India) of Switzerland Tourism, said: “Although Indians love to go on a vacation during the summers, we do hope for a change after this campaign.”

A statement from Switzerland Tourism said that it also launched its summer campaign “Nature wants you back” for the next year which will be led by its brand ambassador Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

“With an initial focus on the winter tourist, Switzerland Tourism will showcase the multiple options like skiing, sledging and snowboarding for the active traveller. For the more relaxed visitor looking for pure white relaxation in winter, there will be Christmas markets, open air hot springs and igloo stays,” the statement added.

The summer focus for the campaign too, will be packed with an array of activities such as sky-diving, wakeboarding and canyoning.

Claudio Zemp, Director (India) of Switzerland Tourism, said that people in India look for more more adventurous activities these days.

“They do not only want to take a cable car up a mountain and take pictures but also want that thrill and rush which one gets while doing adventure sports,” he said.