Editorial: Putin May Takeover NATO from Trump

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

Leaving all odds behind Republican Donald Trump has won the US presidential elections. This result has left majority of the Hillary supporters in jittery and some of them have come out protesting raising questions over the poll results. Thankfully, Hillary came out and asked her supporters to calm down. Though, Hillary didn’t give answers to her supporter as to how Trump managed to trump lady Clinton, diplomacy experts are well convinced that it could happen because Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam and India were standing behind Trump. But, major reason for India to cheer this poll outcome in the US is four Indians reaching to the 100 member US Senate while one more is expected to join them making Indian majority to 5 percent in the US Senate. There are hopes that some more Indian would become Governor, Mayor and some other local authority soon. So, the MEA officials should keep in touch with such Indo-Amerians and find out the actual problems that Indians are facing outside India and how and where there problem can be showcased. This will help India making its ‘Pravasi Bhartiya’ summit in January a platform with mission.

Every king has his own style and practice and so does Narendra Modi. Demonetizing currency notes is not new in India but the way it was announced speaks about Modi’s style of function. But, in practice, it seems as if Indian banking system requires a surgical overhaul as they have failed to meet the deadline to operationalize their ATM services from November 11. This whole exercise too reflects that Indian banks have simply restricted themselves towards account maintenance and enhancing their business. There is need to bring the heat on the banking officials who briefed Indian premiere about the time required to make ATM operational. ATMs have failed to service in sync with PM’s announcement, in spite of the banking officials brief, transforming this surgical blow on the black economy in jittery public. Additionally, hope  that there will be persistent attempts to check  Benami Property and lockers. Further, yellow metal price not surging too much and stock exchange not crashing too low, indicates that the trade off to the Indian economy being expected by the experts of economy due to the GST interacting with demonetization has been pared.

Poll fever is fast catching in six states and we are back to populist agendas like SYL, Parli burning, Ram Janmbhoomi, cleaning of Ganga, reservation rants by some well off community in various states, small states etc. I remember that the Indian PM had announced from the Red Fort that his government would contain inter-ministerial conflicts and governance would be based on developmental agenda to make India a better and strong nation. This is the ideal as it would be help us carve away from the petty politics and give a better explanation to the people who left India citing we have nothing except petty politics and red tap-ism.

Back in the US, even as Donald Trump would be taking over the presidential charges from Barack Obama in January, a section of people in the US have not come out of the Hillary hangover. Hope, this would stabilize by the time Trump enters the White House as first citizen of the US. But, the way he has won with the support of Russia, India and some Middle East nations, it has become certain that US would be now affected by the geo-political developments. If Trump stands with the issues he raised during his campaign, then his tenure is expected to be a horrifying experience for Pakistan, some of the European nations and China. But, the worst affected institution would be NATO as it looks that Russian president Vladimir Putin would be setting the NATO agenda in next four years.