For Amar Singh, no one matters except Netaji

Reacting to reinstatement of  Ramgopal Yadav as general secretary of SP following an order issued by Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh today said this is their party, and therefore, they have the authority to expel or reinstate anybody anytime at their will, but if Netaji’s trust and affections is with Ramgopal, then I am also with him.

“He (Ramgopal) had given a statement that he got Amar Singh expelled from the party, and could do it now too. I am ready to be expelled. I was expelled once and now I am ready to be expelled again. I will be waiting for my expulsion for the second time,” added Amar Singh.

When asked if the inclusion of Ramgopal had given impetus to the camp of Akhilesh Yadav, Amar Singh said: “This is for you to analyse. Whether I am in politics or not; I’m with this party or any other party; but I can neither leave nor forget Mulayam Singh. I cannot deprive myself of his affection, whether he is in power or not.”

“When I met Mulayam Singh, he was not a big leader, but he is only person in the public life who has ability to carry forward relationships. Other people use and throw, but Mulayam Singh never forgets his friends. For his this capability, I hardly care who has won and who lost,” he said.