National Herald stages comeback with digital version

New Delhi,   Congress-owned newspaper National Herald today staged a comeback with a digital version eight years after it had downed its shutter.

The Associated Journals Limited, which is mired in legal hassles over its assets, announced the launch of and claimed that the printed version of its newspaper will also see a rebirth soon.

“In keeping with the changing times, the newspaper group resumes phased publication as a multi-media outlet with a strong digital presence. The digital website will follow the same editorial vision and principles as that of our Founder, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

“It remains committed to furthering the values it has always cherished and the best values of the Freedom Movement that of building a modern, democratic, just, equitable, liberal and socially harmonious nation, free of sectarian strife,” a release from the company said.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said the relaunch is a befitting tribute to Nehru on his anniversary.

“@NH_India carries forward it’s proud legacy – giving voice to the vision of a modern, democratic, just and harmonious nation.

“A fitting tribute to Pt Nehru on his 127th birth anniversary! Wishing team @NH_India the very best in this new innings!,” he said on Twitter, while putting out the new link of the news portal.

Launched in 1938 as a daily in the vanguard of the Indian Freedom Movement, the release said the newspaper proclaims its commitment on its masthead inscribed in Nehru’s hand, “Freedom is in Peril, Defend it with All Your Might”.

Announcing the launch, its website carried a cartoon captioned – “Don t spare me Shankar”, carried with an editorial that captures the democratic spirit open to accountability, criticism and some humour of the first Prime Minister.

“We dearly need to see more of that spirit in these times. We have taken our first Beta baby step as a website with a free voice to uphold the values of our freedom struggle that our founder represented. A full fledged news website and the suspended old newspaper will also see a fresh rebirth.

Stay with us on these next steps of a journey begun in 1938.

Keep watching this space,” the website said.