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Home  » Life Style » Rejuvenation Redefined In MYSTIC Way
  Rejuvenation Redefined In MYSTIC Way

By Aditya Kumar 

This Commonwealth Games, upbeat your sporting mood with some soothing experience by beguiling spa and much more. Prepare yourself – invigorate your body and mind - tune your mind and spirit, and for an all new level of tranquility.

Mystic Salon and Spa has introduced a revolutionary range of massage treatments. The treatments induce a deep state of relaxation to heal body and soul, improving sleep and increasing vitality, among other benefits. Every aspect of a Mystic spa treatment is uncompromising and individualized to the needs of each spa-goer. Guests continue their exceptional experience as they transition back to the outside world. In New Delhi, Mystic has opened its branches at Mehrauli, Punjabi Bagh and Hotel Crowne Plaza.

Oiling the minds

Special spa consultants at Mystic travelled the world in search of rare, exquisite and effective solutions to provide to their customers. The sweet, uplifting scent of the herbal oils is enchanting. These essential oils subsume unique warming qualities, that help in stimulating blood circulation and improve energy flow by relieving tension. Selected for their therapeutic value and effectiveness, these oils invigorate the senses and provide a perfect balance of vitality and serenity.
The trained therapists perform these massages with an overwhelming grace and authenticity to provide you with the benefits of these unparalleled reflexology treatments. The sessions start with an intense, medium to strong, deep tissue massage, where the masseur uses thumbs and palm pressure. The entire body from head to toe benefits from the pressure point massage and stretching movements, as it helps in releasing tension and replacing stress with a feeling of peace and energy. To conclude the session, the therapist guides the spa-goer into a power nap, and then gently awakens the guest, refreshing him or her with a spray of rose water. The calming session leaves a sense of enchantment and sends the guest in a state of trance!

According to Mr. Siddharth Shankar, Director Mystic Cures Ltd., "Mystic spa services offer something very unique and result - driven, by way of treatments and products. We did not want just another skin care range. I believe what Mystic Spa offers are creative, innovative and distinct. The results from the products and treatments are very rewarding for our staff and guests. The support we have received has been excellent and the feedback from therapists and clients is exceptional.” An analysis of the spa industry explains factors contributing to the huge potential based on the high profitability, growth in medical tourism, a large consumer base, the existing lifestyle of consumers and government initiative. The key challenges identified include the lack of trained personnel and the lack of standards & accreditation. At Mystic though, the challenges are turned into opportunities, and professional and qualified masseurs are appointed to provide their guests with a majestic experience.

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Oct 16-31, 2016 Issue
Dayafter Digital Magazine
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