Congress President Sonia Gandhi Greets India on Ambedkar Jayanti

sonia gandhi

By Dayafter Bureau

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has greeted fellow citizens on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti on April 14th in New Delhi. She greeted the fellow citizens through a press release released by the Congress Party headquarters in New Delhi.

In her press release, Sonia Gandhi said, “Babasaheb was indeed one of the greatest icons of Modern India and his contribution to the making of India, as a nation shall always remain undisputed, she said. Dr BR Ambedkar’s life is a guiding light to all us Indians who want to live together, united and under the shade of our Constitutional laws and ethos.”She went on to add that the Indian Constitution is a living affirmation of the inclusive cohesiveness and guarantee for equality that Baba Saheb envisaged, she said. Paying tributes to one of the greatest son of India and champion of social equality and democracy, Gandhi said that the path of social democracy shown by Babasaheb shall forever remain relevant.