Sabbatical Dents Political Success

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

Five state polls are over and political forces have relocated to new destinations in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. For precautionary measures, they are keeping their cadres busy in states like Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and four north-east states that would go to polls next year. It gives an impression that politics has become a 24X7 job and sabbaticals may dent your chances of success in today’s politics. But, I am amazed to see the brouhaha in all forms of media over the five state polls even though its over as if there is no other news that people would be interested in. Its job of the forth pillar of democracy to highlight the public demand in development and welfare sector. Channels may not show this but people are not oblivion to the political parties being lenient towards particular communities and politically important states. Today, people are smart enough and they know how to teach politicians who deny them growth with equity.

Since 1947, political personalities have remained role model for public in general. But, it looks that VIP culture is sitting on the head of some lawmakers like Ravindra Gaekwad. Ironically, some political parties including Shiv Sena — party Gaekwad belongs — is alleging aviation companies for high headness. This episode has also pointed out that our leaders are using their security services (police, BSF, CRPF etc.) for their personal purposes while it is funded from the tax payer’s money. Had it been used properly, we won’t have faced shortage of security services for public in general. In a glaring case of appeasement politics, the Supreme Court of India has received a PIL which questions the statement of minority in India. The PIL talks about misuse of minority subsidies by the Muslims living in Kashmir valley. It says that Muslims are 68 percent of the net populace in the region then how come they are given minority status? In fact, it’s Hindus who deserve minority status in the region. Has government of India taken notice of this or they are waiting for another PIL or judicial reprimand?

Post Second World War, America has been an undisputed leader in the geo-political set up. But, it looks that Donald Trump has little interest in the global political arrangements. The 45th US president’s weak leadership became visible when he telephoned Vietnamese President and then succumb to Chinese pressure. Trump vowed to levy taxes on Chinese goods imported by US. However, the American president is still undecided on this matter though it is around two month since he assumed office. Trump has been reluctant to take any concrete decision on the Afghanistan issue too. Hence, in such leadership crisis in the US, would Russia or Putin take advantage of this and trump US from the global leadership by aligning with Japan which has become an ultimate leader into the pacific region after the exit of US from TPP? For that, Russia has to put its home in order as they also face internal rift, especially after the arrest of their leader of the opposition. British government is facing triangular pressuer — terror, economic crisis post Brexit and Scotish stand on their continuity with Britain and EU. The way world is watching at Trump and US is losing its sheen as various American investigative agencies are investigating whether Trump is a Russian plug in White House, I fear Trump might face removal from his office even though he has majority in both houses.

The GST Bill has finally been passed and the bill is on verge of becoming legislation. However, the government has another challenge to implement it as a law because it required abolition of all other taxes and the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is still unable to answer Rajya Sabha MP Subrahmanian Swami over the GSTN governing the tax reformed structure in India. After passage of GST Bill, the government should now focus on the call drop problem in which none of the concerned parties are ready to come on the same page. Would the government try bringing all stake holders involved in call drop issue on the table and buy truce in this major issue s they are doing on Ram Temple issue in Uttar Pradesh?

In cricket, India has regained the Border Gavaskar Trophy defeating Australia 2-1 in recently concluded four test match home series. But, how good it would be if the government of India makes proper infrastructure for other sports too? Recently, Sports Minister Vijay Goyal said that rather awarding medal winners, we should support finances to the medal probable. It would not only consolidate the probability of winning more medals and transform India from medal probable to medal winning nation.

Jai Ho!