Open House

Open House

Cast based politics no more relevant

Read your article “Flailing alliance” that is stating the political parties’ methodology to get votes on cast factors in UP Assembly election. UP’s verdict has now come on surface. The Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) has come in govt. with drastic mandate and all speculations of vote deflection according to cast basis poll went in hell.BJP has got record number of seats in this poll and this is the highest in terms of numbers After first general election which was held in 1952.In Indian political discourse most of the time people cast vote for candidates come to its cast and religion, but UP’s verdict has made all this words irrelevant as it’s noticed that BJP candidates also managed to win in Muslims dominated parts. Now, it’s time to return back to people doing so, BJP should make a strong hold man as a CM and fulfill the promises made during election campaign.

Abhay Saini, Barabanki

Make all Institutions as Productive as ISRO

The article named “Shining In Space” opening our eyes on the facts that a common man doesn’t notice. As Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has made a record launching 104 Satellites in a one go, we are celebrating this achievement, we should. But why not we questioned govt. on the failure of DRDO, lack of research in our universities; importing small-small technology from western countries. Can we not produce technology of our need? by when we will depend over developed countries. ISRO’s success is a matter of proud for all of us and 125 crore citizens are feeling a sense of uniqueness among entire world community. But think about the level of joy when not only ISRO but every Institution of our heartland would start making us proud with their achievement in different walks of life. For getting this done we also need to start giving the dues of our heroes.

Nayantara Bose, Kolkata

Getting into Vernacular Politics needs strong regional leader

In a article entitled “Warning Bell for BJd” you said,it’s a crucial time for BJD to get concern over its politics as The Bhartiya Janta Party made powerful knock in Odisha Panchayat politics. I see this poll with different angle as it was Panchayat election and we know local polls are mostly fought on radical and fundamental issues. Assembly elections are battled on major issue that may have potential to change the scene of entire state. Getting into politics of non-Hindi tongue state won’t be easy for BJP. To influence the voters a party must have local strong leader that has solid hand over publics, but BJP is facing face crisis in non Hindi region states as of now. Not only in Odisha, if BJP wants to spread its network in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh ete., they have to firstly strong its cadre under the leadership of one strong man then it would be thinkable for BJP to get into vernacular politics. 

Ajay Mahapatra, Bhuvneshwar

India should go hand in hand on Trincomalee

Read a story titled “Trincomalee Trauma for India”. Article stating Sri Lanka is interested to work with India to develop eastern Trincomalee port in his country. But as of now there is no official evidence that can claim that India also showed its interest in doing so. This port has strategic importance and when India shows its reluctant approach as it has been now this port could slip from ours hand. Slipping from our hands means it would go in the lap of either China or Japan and then they will use it for various purposes like military, business ete. China has been always rude with India in the past and when it would get succeed in taking over this Port their behavior with us could be more tense. Sri Lanka is our neighbor and we shouldn’t let our neighbor go in the hand of The Dragon.

Abhay Asthana, New Delhi