Editorial: Congress Allowed Goa Slip In BJP Hand

Sunil Dang, Editor-in-Chief THE DAYAFTER

UP verdict has been surprising for all stake holders. The ‘party with difference’ won 325 seats while in 2014 it had led on 328 seats putting question mark over the style in which Congress party functions and requires series of surgeries that even Rahul Gandhi has accepted as need of the hour. But, before going for the surgery, the Congress Vice President must understand what the reason was for him and his team not getting the actual public sentiment over the issues like demonetization, surgical strikes, triple talaq etc. Only then the Gandhi scion would be able to create a counter structure to BJP’s poll management system. He should have taken cue from Indira Gandhi who immediately after the 1977 drubbing transformed the party structure — an exercise that helped her inject fresh blood into the party and won with handsome margin in 1980 polls. Apart from putting party in order, his job also features stitching likeminded parties together, which is going to be an uphill tasks after the recent poll rout?

BJP has won the UP and Uttarakhand polls and it is going to form government in Goa and Manipur too, it would be better if its government takes care of the people who didn’t voted for it, rather taking care of people who voted for them. However, to maintain the beauty of democracy, respective governors of Goa and Manipur should have asked from the leader of the single largest party in Manipur and Goa about their ability to form the government before inviting BJP to form the government. Incidents of previous governors following the same line doesn’t qualify the assertion being given by the governors of Manipur and Goa, which they took while inviting the BJP to form the government. However, BJP senior leaders deserve praise for showing political acumen in Goa where Congress leaders remained idle for more than one month post February 4th. Had Digvijay Singh been active in garnering support from Goa Forward Party, things could have been different. But, rather initiating talks with GFP, Singh waited for them to come and lend support to the Congress party. Things further worsened when the grand old party chose to contest the Goa Governor’s decision in Supreme Court. Hope, Congress Vice President would keep all said instances in mind while going for the surgery. From Arvind Kejriwal’s perspective, AAP paid the price for not supporting its regional leaders while Congress got dividends for showing faith in its trusted old lieutenant Captain Amrinder Singh who was fighting on his last election. Even, Akalis didn’t fare badly in this poll. They won 18 seats with BJP, which is just 2 seats lesser than AAP. AAP’s flop show has made Delhi MCD polls crucial for young party. However, Congress was beneficiary of the AAP expose over SAD-BJP 10 years of misrule. But, it’s for sure that Congress victory in Punjab is of Captain Amrinder and its credit can’t be given to anyone including Rahul Gandhi.

People known to the US politics are well aware that Democrats are going to collapse after the recent presidential poll drubbing. The Republican have won majority of the states and seats meant for the Congressmen and hence it won’t be a surprise if a large number of Democrats switch over their loyalties towards the Republican Party and strengthen their bid to Senate, which is a few months ahead. Hope, Trump is able to hold his nerve in the Senate polls. Since, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has once again been voted to power, US would be able to continue its plans in the South China Sea. It is equally interesting to know that in Brazil’s newly elected president is not ready to shift into the official residence fearing dead bitches inside while in South Korea, its president is not ready to leave its official residence post impeachment being called after bitching by her baiters.

Recently, Indian government showed its interest in enhancing the maritime co-operation and trade in the Indian Ocean through the 21-nation Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) in Jakarta, where Indian representative Hamid Ansari laid emphasis on connectivity, open maritime trade and rights of navigation. IORA Declaration is a strategic document containing the vision and norms of the future of cooperation among the member countries with an aim of strengthening the regional architecture to face its challenges. Hope, it would help Indian continue its dominance in the Indian Ocean trade and maritime co-operation.

On March 17th, India would be celebrating Sheetala Saptami. Hope, opposition parties won’t commit mistake like Akhilesh did in UP Polls which reminds Sheetala Mata’s mode of transport.

Jai Ho!