Digvijay’s remarks a greater threat than ISIS to India: Naidu

New Delhi, Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today said Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s remarks that “injustice to Indian Muslims makes terror outfits attractive to them” are a more serious threat than ISIS to the unity and integrity of the country.

Demanding an apology from both Singh and the Congress party, Naidu said “his comments are an insult to minorities and he must apologise”.

Referring to the blast on Bhopal-Ujjain express allegedly carried out by an ISIS influenced module on Tuesday, Singh had yesterday said that injustice to Muslims is making terrorist outfits attractive to them.

“For him to say that ISIS is targeting our country due to lack of justice to Muslims is a more serious threat to the unity and integrity of our country than even ISIS,” Naidu told reporters here.

Singh has come out in the open justifying ISIS operations in the country, Naidu alleged, adding that the Congress leader is trying to perpetuate and promote a sense of fear among minorities.

He also asked Singh whether the terror attacks carried out during the Congress-led UPA rule were “also spurred by injustice to muslims in our country?”

Nno other country parallels India in the way citizens practise and profess the religion of their birth, the Minister asserted, adding the Congress leader is unmindful of these great traditions and has “launched a condemnable attack on the great legacy of our country”. .