Thankful to Goa for giving a strong Defence Minister: PM

Poor's hard earned money safe, but will not spare the corrupt: Modi

Panaji,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today heaped praises on Manohar Parrikar, saying he was thankful to Goa for giving ‘such a strong’ Defence Minister.

“I am thankful to Goa for giving such a strong Defence Minister to the country. Entire world is now discussing surgical strikes,” Modi said addressing a BJP rally here.

Before moving to the Centre as a Defence Minister, Parrikar had served as Chief Minister of Goa, after the party secured a mandate in 2012 Assembly polls.

“Some people are still studying the surgical strikes. How did the jawans reach there? I said when I went to Lahore, I went during the day, but still the world was wondering how did I reach there. Agar Hindustan ek bar thaan leta hai to uske jawan parakram karke dikhate hai (If India resolves, then its soldiers show bravery),” said the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, Modi also said his government is for the poor and working to root out corruption.

“We have began campaign against corruption across the country. Common man is never involved in the corruption. Big people are involved in corruption. Now I am being harassed because they are facing inconvenience because of me,” said the Prime Minister.

“Modi is removing everything which they have collected during last 70 years. This government is for the poor. We are taking firm steps to uplift the poor. Our steps would be strict but they would be for the welfare of the country and not for political benefits. We are making honest attempt to free the country from corruption,” he said.

The Prime Minister further said there has been a fashion in the country to give speeches on eradicating poverty, corruption.

“But when you take any step to eradicate corruption, they are the ones to face the first attack,” he quipped.

He pointed out that in Karnataka, new notes, black money and gold of more than Rs 150 crore was found at a Congress minister’s house.

“Karnataka government was not even bothered about it.

They have not even asked that minister to resign. He has not even been issued the notice,” added Modi.